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Modern fusion cuisine at Blossom, an evolving concept

The path of culinary intuition: do and be surprised

There are similarities between cooking and different expressions of art that fascinate me. Photography is one of them. "Capture first and discover later" could be said to be the motto of Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama, who is recognized worldwide for his documentary style and spontaneous approach to street photography. His photos portray the essence of the moment without being limited by a preconceived vision, allowing creativity to flow more freely. This same concept is the trigger, the first impulse I feel when designing, whether it is a dish, a cooking mold or even a complete menu. Making that decision decompresses the need to see the result before finishing the entire process. And that is precisely the path I choose to take in the kitchen. I don't have a particular method, but once an idea appears, I make it my own, I identify with it, I take paper and pencil and begin to develop what appears in my head until it comes to life. Do and let myself be surprised by the result because I understand that cooking is oxygenated and revitalized with the exploration of new horizons, leaving preconceptions aside. In other words, let intuition open its own path.

Gastronomy and design, two languages ​​that feed off each other

In my culinary career, design is present in various ways. From thinking about a particular dish and its place within the menu, to diagramming the spaces of a kitchen or sketching a tray for Bocuse d'Or – a cooking competition in which I participated twice as an Argentine representative. The aesthetic question is an inseparable part of the gastronomic experience because there are very intimate and emotional elements that are linked t the morphology of the objects. Cooking is a language and design is one of the many ways to express that language. Each ingredient, culinary technique and assembly on the plate tells a story, communicates a tradition or transmits an emotion. In the same way, the choice of tableware and the order of the dishes in the tasting menu add a layer of complexity to the plot that expresses the identity of Blossom's proposal, one of the new Bib Gourmand of the MICHELIN Guide Spain 2024.

A new culinary experience in the historic center of Malaga

Today, in my kitchen, I allow myself to reinterpret different gastronomic influences, products, cultures and knowledge to create, more than a menu, a concept in constant evolution. This idea gives meaning and response to my view of the gastronomic profession, because I learned that it is easier for what I propose to be understood if I can feel represented. I am Argentine and in my history the heritage of four very dissimilar cultures comes together: German, Swedish, Spanish and Italian. My DNA allows me to organically unite all these traditions, make them coexist and evolve through modern fusion cuisine. A style that allows me to create with a lot of freedom. An eclectic journey where there is a permanent dialogue between techniques and ingredients, terroirs and customs, in which borders are erased and the local and the global are intertwined and enriched. Today, more than ever, the kitchen is a fertile terrain where I can design a new culinary experience that seeks to surprise, in the charm of the historic center of Malaga as a setting.

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