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Art in every bite

In the historic center of Malaga, chef Emi Schobert deploys his proposal of modern fusion cuisine, through a gastronomic experience that reinterprets different cultures and culinary techniques. Blossom is modern fusion cuisine and it is also an evolving concept, where the focus is on the origin and each ingredient is worked with beauty, respect and balance. Products from the coast and inland of Malaga provide freshness and local flavors to achieve a touch of seasonality in each dish. Blossom's proposal reinterprets different gastronomic influences, products, cultures and knowledge, because in cooking, more than in any other area, borders are erased and the local and the global are intertwined and enriched. Welcome to a new culinary experience in the historic heart of Malaga!

Tasting menu, with Fusion-style cuisine, taking advantage of Mediterranean raw materials. The dishes on the menu stand out for their great personality, creativity and design.


We're open 7 days a week, with 2 different options for lunch, paired with the best wine cellar around the world


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