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Nice to meet you! I'm Emi Schobert

Hello! I'm Emi Schobert, the chef at Blossom. I want to introduce myself and tell you where I come from.

I am Argentine, I was born in Buenos Aires in 1974 and I am the second of three brothers. Like many Argentine families, mine is a great melting pot of cultures thanks to the immigration that came from Europe. In my house, we are of German and Italian descent and “good food” has always been very important. The kitchen was the meeting center and trying different traditional recipes was one of the family's favorite activities.

Years later, it was time to study a career. Although I really liked cooking, my dream was to be a rural teacher. I did all my teaching, always with the idea of teaching in some remote town in Argentina. When I finished taking all the subjects, I decided to take a few months off and went to visit Córdoba, a beautiful province in the center of the country.

Shortly after being there, I met Lucía. I can say that the crush was immediate. We fell in love and three months later we were expecting our first child. We were both very young. With a baby on the way, priorities changed quickly and I had to get a job. So, I started working as a cook, out of the need to generate an income, but also because it turned out very well. At home I had learned a lot. I made my hobby, cooking, my job. I found a way to enjoy it, although it wasn't always easy. In parallel with work, I began studying a career as a professional chef in Córdoba. I liked to delve into culinary concepts and techniques and read the history of gastronomy. I read, tried new recipes, and worked long hours.

After the birth of Marco, our first son, and having already graduated as a cook, it was time to begin a new stage. We moved to Bariloche, in Patagonia, an international tourist destination surrounded by lakes and mountains at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Gastronomy and hospitality are two of the most thriving economic activities in this city. The first years I worked as head chef in different restaurants and hotels. However, he felt that he needed to spend more time with his family and, at the same time, have his own project where he could feel that there was no “ceiling” to grow. It was time to start out on your own.

Lucía was a specialist in marketing and communication, I was a cook and, in addition, I had studied teaching. The new project decided alone and in it I can undertake as a family and unite my vocation for education and gastronomy. This is how El Obrador School of Culinary Art was born in 2007. It was a miracle in every way! It gave me the opportunity to be in a kitchen teaching how to cook, making each class something very similar to a service, with impeccable results. The school began to grow rapidly in the number of courses and students, thanks to the commitment and effort of the great team of people and professionals who work there. Later, vocational training courses were added: cook and pastry chef. El Obrador established itself quickly and gave me the opportunity and peace of mind to seek new horizons to continue growing as a chef. This is how my interest in participating in cooking competitions began. Planning, discipline, precision, creation, innovation, tension, aesthetics, flavor. A separate world within gastronomy opened before me. I never looked at what the other competitors were doing, because I competed to outdo myself. And always do it better: richer, prettier, hotter. My conviction in the new direction chosen gave me the opportunity to represent my country in two editions of the Bocuse d'Or Cooking World Cup in Lyon, in 2015 and 2019. There were many years of sacrifice and dedication, of a lot of investment not only of time and energy, but also resources. I never suffered from the results, because I was always happy about the process. Today, I feel very grateful and satisfied with the idea of being part of the Bocuse “family.”

“To live is to change” says an old tango. And like my great-grandparents, I also emigrated. Although I did it the other way around: from South America to Europe. From Bariloche to Malaga, where I am currently with my wife and children since 2019, with a new project that has begun to flourish: Blossom.


Emi Schobert chef en Blossom, Málaga
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