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Blossom blooms in Malaga

Opening my own restaurant in Spain is one of the steps on my “ladder of dreams”. It is not easy to start a business in Europe. Nor is it in my country of origin, Argentina. However, after three years of great work and sacrifice, Blossom takes hold. Proof of this is the recognition we received in February, when the prestigious MICHELIN Guide included the restaurant among the new recommended ones in Spain. This mention distinguishes the quality of Blossom and that of its entire team in the search for excellence in service to our guests. This fills us with pride, motivation and joy. It is a first step on a path that, without a doubt, will be long.

Blossom is a modern fusion cuisine restaurant, but, above all, it is an evolving concept. The charm of the historic center of Malaga is the perfect setting to show my cuisine and improve in each service. Blossom is art in every bite, it is precision, care and a touch of seasonality in each dish. Flavor and avant-garde, passion and experience, technique and environment, tradition and innovation, surprise and emotion. These pairs embody the spirit of Blossom's cuisine, where we focus on the origin and treatment of the product, with beauty, respect and balance.

Each season, our menu changes and tells a new story in each dish, thanks to products from the coast and inland of Malaga that provide freshness and local flavors. But it also proposes a journey through techniques and ingredients that evoke other gastronomic cultures because in cooking, more than in any other area, borders are erased and the local and the global are intertwined and enriched.


Blossom is teamwork and it is also family. It is excellence in service with careful attention and fair recommendation. It is knowledge, precision and creativity in every dish that comes out of the kitchen. It's being hosts from start to finish.

Blossom gave me the opportunity to understand again what brought me to Malaga. After representing my country in two editions of the Bocuse d'Or Cooking World Cup, something new and completely different would begin to emerge: a kitchen without sieves, molds or technology, a kitchen that would return me to the need to use only my hands. and not so many teams to create, where the priority is that the dish is hot, tasty and pretty. Because for me, making a beautiful dish goes far beyond its assembly and decoration, it is the consequence of daily work, both mine and my team. It is to make it beautiful from the most intimate and honest part of the kitchen, because our mission is to feed and make the diner happy.

MENÚ BLOSSOM, Málaga centro
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