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From Patagonia to Andalusia, from El Obrador to Blossom

I am a chef. I am also a father and husband. I am an Argentine chef in Malaga in charge of a fusion cuisine restaurant: Blossom, one of the 2023 recommended by the MICHELIN Guide. I am also a primary school teacher. And along the path I have traveled until today, both education and gastronomy have been two of the fundamental pillars in my professional career.

In 2007, in the city of Bariloche, in Argentine Patagonia, I was able to unite my two vocations, cooking and education, through El Obrador Escuela de Arte Culinario, a project that we created with my wife Lucía. Being in charge of a kitchen and in charge of a brigade is very similar to teaching a class surrounded by students. Both are challenging experiences, but can be very rewarding.

Starting a business as a family was a miracle, in every sense. It allowed me to be closer to my loved ones and gave me the opportunity to teach cooking, making each class a service, with impeccable results. The school also allowed me to meet great colleagues, whom I respect and admire, and who today are great friends. Together with them I designed the study programs for the vocational training courses offered by El Obrador and also the proposals for the cooking courses for amateurs.

Cooking is technical and teamwork

After more than 15 years of experience, El Obrador continues its mission of training gastronomic professionals, by providing students with quality education through a curricular design that covers different areas of knowledge. The school's methodology allows students to acquire technical skills and develop their culinary creativity. In addition, it allows them to incorporate tools for decision making and problem solving, teamwork and collaborative learning. After all, cooking is a demanding field and the result of good service is not an individual achievement but a collective one.

Patagonia and its emblematic products

Something that characterizes El Obrador is the teaching of the culinary identity of Patagonia, a unique place in the world. There are products from that region that any chef in the world would want to have on his tasting menu: trout from the mountain lakes; the lamb of the steppe; the prawns of the Golfo Nuevo; black hake and crab from the Beagle Channel; apples and pears from the Upper Río Negro Valley; the red fruits of the Andean Region of Parallel 42; wild mushrooms from native forests and edible “goodies” and flowers that grow in unlikely places are some of the wonderful foods that I remember and long for. 

Signature cuisine takes off at Blossom

Throughout my years teaching classes in El Obrador, having seen the progression of my students, their commitment and curiosity, their creative search in search of finding their own language, have been great joys for me as a “cooking teacher”.

Today, from Blossom's kitchen, in the historic center of Malaga, I teach my team and also learn from them. The exchange is incredible and enriching. The restaurant is establishing itself, evolving and projecting a promising future. Or, paraphrasing the Argentine musician Luis Alberto Spinetta, “tomorrow will be better.”

ando al músico argentino Luis Alberto Spinetta, “mañana será mejor”.

Equipo Blossom, Málaga centro
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