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The path to a new culinary experience in Malaga

As in music, rhythm and harmony are fundamental elements of good cuisine, since they contribute greatly to its structure, expression and emotionality.


When a menu is executed on time, with precision and beauty; with the right crockery and glassware; through careful and correct service; In an intimate and cozy atmosphere, the diner will be in front of a work of culinary art. An experience that, without a doubt, will be memorable and can be remembered with all the senses.

The golden ratio in eleven steps

Blossom's culinary objective is to be able to transmit at each step the technical, aesthetic and conceptual balance of the tasting menu as a whole, a game of sensations that produces complex and deep notes to take gastronomic pleasure to another level.

It seems a miracle that in a space where only ten tables can fit, the service flows with rhythm and harmony. And each member of the team knows his score well. Our golden ratio of time and space converted into a culinary experience that seeks to surprise, in the charm of the historic center of Malaga as a setting.


Freshness and identity in each Blossom dish

Eleven steps make up Blossom's tasting menu, where we emphasize seasonality, with local products that provide freshness and identity. In three hours this journey takes place through techniques and flavors that, combined, tell a story in each dish: my story. I am an Argentine chef in Malaga in charge of a modern fusion cuisine restaurant, one of the 2023 recommended by the MICHELIN Guide. I am also an elementary school teacher and cooking instructor. Father of three children, husband. I lived in Patagonia and was twice representative of my country at the Bocuse d'Or World Cooking Cup. The experiences lived throughout more than twenty years of career accompany me in every step I take, with a proposal that reinterprets different gastronomic influences, products, cultures and knowledge.

The sunset on a plate

A cooking style with its own stamp is not something that is found by chance in a shop window, but something that is forged over time. It is the result of a constant search where there is hard work, discipline, creativity and intuition. It is a path that is traveled alone but that is also done as a team. Today, the Blossom team is strengthened and grows with the vision and contribution of each member who knows her role well and, every day, does her work better. The evolution of the restaurant concept leads me to be its orchestra director. What a challenge I have on my hands! Choose the repertoire, rehearse, communicate an idea, motivate, lead, inspire. In short, direct a kitchen team to achieve a memorable performance in eleven episodes. “The sunset on a plate,” as the Argentine journalist Leila Guerriero wrote, about the art of moving with a well-crafted text. That's what I want for Blossom. That is my dream. And it is impossible for me not to think of a phrase that accompanies every student who enters El Obrador, my cooking school in Bariloche, in Argentine Patagonia: “There are no elevators to success. “You have to use the stairs.” And here I go, step by step, on the Costa del Sol.

MENÚ BLOSSOM, Málaga centro
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