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Discover a world of flavors in each dish

In my story the heritage of four cultures come together: German, Swedish, Spanish and Italian. And the seasoning of being born in Argentina and having lived in small towns and large cities also provides its seasoning. For all this, it is not strange to me to break with traditional cuisines - in the strictest sense - to find in modern fusion cuisine, the beauty and freedom to create one's own concept.

A journey through gastronomy

There is nothing static on the menu because everything is susceptible to evolving, even the same style of dish that has been with me for a long time. Seeing their transformation is something that excites me. Blossom's twelve times run off to find a new place. Therefore, every time a diner returns to the restaurant, they embark on a culinary journey that will always be unique and unrepeatable.

With the wines that pair each step, the same thing happens: the sommelier discovers – or rediscovers – a label or a new terroir and immediately thinks about which dish it will go best with. The only constant thing in Blossom is change.

The magic of the Malaga terroir in twelve times

Each time on the menu tells a time in my professional life, without an exact chronology, but real and lived. What I learned twenty-five years ago and what I still don't know, but I'm discovering.

The Mediterranean coast makes a surprising and inspiring contribution. The sun, the heat, the salt of the sea, the mountains and their agriculture, everything is intimately involved in the work plan.

Producing and cooking here gives us that taste sensation of closeness, freshness and local identity, perhaps at some point, we could think of contemporary Malaga cuisine, but time will tell. Today, we enjoy their products and enjoy them day by day when building the times of our tasting menu, where each dish is part of a culinary experience that seeks to surprise, from the charm of the historic center of Malaga.

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