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Malaga is a fascinating mosaic of cultures with a history of more than three thousand years. Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Byzantines, Arabs and Christians have left an indelible mark on the city ​​identity. Its reflection is in the architecture, the monuments, the squares and, of course, also in gastronomy. Due to the influx of visitors from all over the world, it is also a destination very hospitable cosmopolitan.

Blossom is art in every bite 

A game of sensations through modern fusion cuisine

I love their mix because it reminds me of my history, where the German heritage comes together, Swedish, Spanish and Italian. And the seasoning of having been born in Argentina and having lived in small towns and large cities, it also brings its seasoning. For all this, it does not seem to me strange to have found in modern fusion cuisine the inspiration to search for a language own culinary where there is freedom to create. My wish is to be able to transmit in Blossom, the technical, aesthetic and conceptual balance of the tasting menu as a whole, propose to the diner a game of sensations that produces complex and deep notes to bring pleasure gastronomic at another level. For four years, Blossom, one of the 2023 MICHELIN Guide recommended, has been the lighthouse that guides me in this new stage of my personal life and professional career on the Costa del Sol, With my family. When I found the place to open the restaurant on Strachan Street, in the center historic city, I knew that was the place, the starting point and the heart of my project.

My favorite corners of the historic center of Malaga

When I have the opportunity, before the service, I like to walk through the nearest streets, without hurry, observing every corner, connecting with the light, the sounds, the aromas. There is a lot to see and know. One of the places that has impacted me the most is the Cathedral, “a majestic work Renaissance-baroque with a Gothic vocation,” say the experts. Its monumentality is astonishing and It is well worth stopping to observe each detail carefully. Other of my favorites are Roman Theater and the Alcazaba, Plaza Constitución and the Episcopal Palace. I also like to drink Larios street until I reach the sea and stare at that deep blue cloth, full of life, feel the sea breeze and listen to the waves that softly break on the shore.

Art and cooking come together at Blossom

Many things have impacted me about the Malaga environment, above all, the art that is breathed in its countless museums, galleries, monuments and exhibition halls. Malaga is, neither more nor less, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. The city invites you to explore the Picasso Route, different points that show us the first years of life of the exceptional artist and the most universal man from Malaga. I like to think that every chef has something of an artist, because both the beauty and the Creativity, pleasure and emotion are present in both jobs. Even forging one's own style, whether in art or gastronomy, is not the product of a stroke of luck, but of discipline and intuition. I like to think that Picasso was right when he said that “inspiration It exists, but it has to find you working.”

MENÚ BLOSSOM, Málaga centro
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